Clay Strips and Trim brushes

Two clay brushes to play with, clayStrips and clayTrim


Brushes for Zbrush

Here are a couple of brushes for ZBrush I made while working on a recent project.

The first one is a modification of the Standard brush with a shaper alpha. It’s not a hard brush to make if you just change the settings, but I found myself using it so much that it was easier to make it into its own brush. It’s really handy for a wide variety of things likes folds and creases or just popping out an edge.

Download StdSharp

I made this brush while working on some zombie sculpts. It's not quite as useful but you might enjoy it Happy

Download BiteMark

Dynamesh Sculpt

This is my first time doing a full-body study with dyna. The video is only the beginning of the sculpt, ZBrush kept running into low memory problems when I tried to export the rest of the Undo History.

Free ZBrush Clay Material

I made this clay material for all of my anatomy study renders. It’s based on the GreenRoma Matcap but it has the advantage of reacting to your lights. Feel free to use it in any project or as a nice light-responsive sculpting material.